Working with your management team, we quickly implement our recommendations to drive measurable results.

celebrating 16 years of results!

Board Member: John was our interim CEO for 2 years, restored company to profitability,  got us new clients and installed new accounting system. 

We are mentors, a sounding board, facilitators, and leaders. We can provide interim CEO, CFO, and COO services. If you need assistance dealing with trade creditors, unions, and investors, we can provide immediate help.

Bambach Advisors is nationally recognized for its ability to develop strategic alternatives to complex business issues, earning buy-in from stakeholders to implement change regardless of difficulty, managing relationships with secured lenders and maximizing profitability for its client. We drive change and better business practices whether you are a quickly growing late-stage startup, established firm under-performing,  challenged and requiring corporate bankruptcy assistance or other consulting services, our experienced professionals have a proven track record of success.

Providing financial & strategic consulting services to entrepreneurs, family/private businesses, secured & unsecured lenders and law firms.

We win when our Clients win!​​​

We discuss with you our conclusions and recommendations resulting from the situational analysis. This enables us to develop a Scope of Services. 

The Scope of Services is the formation of the  plan, including but not limited to: developing cash flow models; working with stakeholders; process improvement; change management; compensation analysis...  

Our Methodology

Evaluation                        Review Findings               Action Plan                    Deliverables

Assessment of  current situation (in your words);

Discussion of opportunities, cash flow management, funding, loan(s) and other matters key to maximizing your business;

Reviewof financial statements, cash flow, & capital structure;

Review of systems: accounting, reports & controls; 

Management observations.

We have credibility with banks based on an extensive track record and have developed a proprietary methodology to determine an employee's  real range-based compensation value. Realize long-term value with our hands-on approach that leverages time-proven processes to improve your business' financial management, operations, profitability, and strategy.


  • Provide recommendations to improve current cash position and cash generation capabilities; 
  • Analyze critical vendors, critical customers and their impact to business improvement; 
  • Interface with critical vendors, customers, secured and unsecured creditors; 
  • Develop 13-week cash flow forecasts;
  • Develop variance reports for analysis & discussion with Management, Board, and lender(s) as agreed to in Scope of Services;
  • Share creative insights from time-tested methodologies; 
  • Provide balance in difficult decision-making processes.